2 comments on “UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones DWI Sentencing Postponed Until Next Month

  1. It is Normal ! Respect has nothing to do with Cheer. I Don’t see any preblom about US Crowd cheer for their fighters. Have you already Seen a Wanderley Fight ? Once Again: Respect has nothing to do with Cheer Have you Seen Shogun Vs Hendo? Absolutly Normal the American Crowd Screaming: USA , USA , USA , Did you expect them screaming Brazil Brazil Brazil ??? In Some Points of the fight they have screamed Shogun Shogun Shogun But The Most Important After the End of the Fight Both have earned a lot of Applauses !!!

  2. I would expect them to cheer for the fhietgr they want to win. If they were chanting: Hendo! , Hendo! it would have been fine. It’s not about the USA, not about Brazil or any other nation any of the fhietgrs were born. It’s about two fhietgrs trying to be the best. Cheer for the fhietgr you want to win, but leave the stupid Nationalistic nonsense out of the cage please!

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